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“Once You Choose Hope, Anything Is Possible” – PT

Counseling Services

We are committed to provide high-quality services for individuals, families, and communities. Our staff provides home-base counseling in order to help families address all of the behavioral and emotional issues that create divisive and contentious home environments. We are also committed to making these services available to refugees and newcomers in the U.S.

adult mental health program

Adult Mental Health Program

We provide counseling services to enhance the quality of life of individuals, couples, families, and groups. We support the integration of our clients into the American community and culture. Our staff is trained to help individuals and families overcome the difficulties and distress caused by adjusting to a new culture, trauma, anxiety, relationship issues, and managing emotions. Our goal is to help families to develop and maintain positive relationships that preserve stability.

child and adolescent

Child and Adolescent

Children, like adults, can benefit from counseling. Counseling can help children and adolescents to improve their self-esteem, identify causes of distress, learn new life skills, and improve their problem-solving skills. We create a safe and protected environment and work collaboratively with children and adolescents in order to identify the causes of their distress and develop positive ways to cope with their new environments. Ages served Preschoolers through 17-year-olds.

Group Services

Group Services

We provide a supportive environment for refugees and immigrants who are experiencing difficulty adjusting to their new environment, suffering depression, or having other concerns. Our services help them learn to manage their symptoms, develop practical living skills, focus on recovery, and effectively integrate themselves into their communities.

Case Management

We advocate on behalf of our clients and connect them to other services and resources.
We also assist with Medicaid applications and social security applications.